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On the one hand we decorate the jar. Then we cut pieces of paper.

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If you want, you can trim them with shapes heart, star, moon We write an activity on each paper. The different activities have to be that they like to perform them and possible given the situation of lockdown we have.

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It is important that they decide the activities and write them alone or with help Those who do not know how to write can draw it The important thing is that they collaborate in creating. Here are some ideas: make a hotbed, play parcheesi, goose or whatever board game you like, cushion war, draw a drawing, make a cake, jump into the comba, dance, sing, a bath Once the activities are written, we fold them in 4, or roll them up with a gummie of those wristbands Finally, we put them in the boat and How to use it?

When the little one comes to us saying I'm bored, I don't know what to do We shake the jar and let him take a paper So he'll have a new idea to entertain for a while! What do you think?

Conocer gente arróniz

Tell us if you do! Good morning, look at this idea, we find it very cool for kids and big ones!!!!! Do you miss someone so much? In this situation our kids or ourselves can miss someone very much, although they can occasionally talk to that person or make a videoconference, forget to say things; may also remember them at other times and remember them want to do something, a drawing, letters, craft poems All of this will later be a great gift